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How to Choose a Backyard Swing Set

How to Choose a Backyard Swing Set

How to Choose a Backyard Swing Set

Buying a swing set is a great addition to any backyard. It’s a way for kids to get excited about playing outside and get some exercise at the same time. However, when looking for the right swing set for your family, the amount of options can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to break down five key factors you should consider when looking at your options.

At Creative Playthings, we have a variety of premium wooden swing sets fully customizable to fit your family’s needs. Keep reading to learn more about choosing a backyard playset or find your nearest store to get started!

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  1. Make sure you have space - How much space do you have for a swing set and is the ground level? It is important to leave enough space around the set for safety reasons and swing sets need to be installed on relatively level ground for the same reason. If you’re not sure, one of our experts can visit your home to evaluate your yard, answer any questions and offer recommendations to make this the best experience possible.

  2. Guarantee it’s safe - Creative Playthings swing sets are engineered for strength and safety. Our Signature Swing Beam is unique in that it uses not one, but three beams glued, screwed and bolted together to ensure safety and durability. Our hardware goes all the way through support beams adding a measure of rigidity and ensuring no exposed hardware to get hurt on.

  3. Check the quality of materials - Materials and weight of a swing set matters. We use Southern Yellow Pine as a main component for all our swing sets for good reason. Known for its superior strength and stiffness, it is one of strongest lumber species and 60% heavier than woods used on standard swing sets. Learn more about the wood that sets us apart!

  4. Make sure there’s room to grow - We believe that your swing set should be able to grow with your family. That is why all of our sets have been designed to expand and be fully customizable. With our swing sets, you are always able to upgrade with new swings, accessories and play decks as your child (or family) grows!

  5. Check if it’s serviceable - It is important to consider what would happen if repairs are needed. Creative Playthings Premium Pine sets have a lifetime warranty covering all wood products from insect damage and wood rot. Learn more about our warranties!

Choose Your Backyard Swing Set Model Today

Now you know how to choose your swing set, so let us help you with the next steps. While Creative Playthings is based in Massachusetts, we sell our swing sets nationwide thanks to our direct sales team. Click here to fill out a brief form to be matched with one of our local experts!