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The Creative Playthings Advantage

When you buy a Creative Playthings wooden swing set or accessory, you'll find out why we're one of the oldest, largest, and most respected names in the swing set industry. And you and your family can capitalize on the Creative Playthings' advantages that clearly separate us from manufacturers of "cheap" swing sets or Big Box "playsets".

Our Heart is in the Right Place. Creative Playthings was founded in 1951 by two elementary school teachers intent on keeping children more active! Creative Playthings Swing Sets are Limited only by Your Imagination.


Limited only by Your Imagination

We offer more versatile swing set configurations than anyone else in the industry. And we invite our customers, young and old, to take a trip down our latest "Swoosh Slide". We know you'll find our products are not only made for strength and durability, but are the best wooden swing sets on the market today.

Our Difference is in the Details

Creative Playthings pioneered the use of steel reinforcement plates in swing sets, the nylon bushings swing hanger, and many other innovations that have become standard equipment on nearly all quality wooden swing sets made today. We're committed to finding new coatings that make ladder rungs more slip-resistant; and we install wide steps at the right angle for easy climbing! Creative Playthings selects our primary raw materials (southern yellow pine) only from the highest grades available and sourced from ecologically sound, managed timberlands. All of these qualities are combined to give you the best swing set on the market today.

The Creative Playthings Mission

You and Your Family. Unlike the Big Box Stores, which sell you a playset in a "big box" and then give you a "big wave goodbye", Creative Playthings stands behind each of its high quality wooden swing sets and supports you each step of the way. From creating the best swing set configuration for your kids, your budget, and your backyard to complete installation & support, our commitment is to you and your family. Safe, secure, fun.