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Maintaining Your Investment

Please follow these safety guidelines for maximum safety and enjoyment of your Creative Playthings Swing Set and accessories.

Please be sure to read and follow all the instructions for safe assembly and use of your swing set found in the Creative Playthings Owner's Manual and the Swing Set Assembly Manual (included with the swing set). Some (but not all) of the key information for your swing set is listed below:

  • Be sure to install your wooden swing set in a level location, free from obstructions or potential hazards
  • Allow a minimum perimeter of six-feet around the swing set play area in all directions
  • Do not allow children to play on the swing set until it is completely assembled
  • Follow the Consumer Product Safety Commission Guidelines for ground cover, also found in our catalog and Assembly manuals
  • Limit the number and size of children on the swing set at any time to the recommendations in your Owner's Manual
  • Instruct children to stay off of the top ladder while swings are in use
  • Perform regular required swing set maintenance as outlined in your Owner's Manual
  • Require on-site adult supervision while children are playing on a swing set