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Benefits of Exercise

It's a well documented medical fact. Kids physically need outdoor play. In a child's early years, play - particularly active play - is crucial to a child's development. Physical, emotional, and intellectual!

Physical: Motor skills, young bone and muscle development, coordination, and balance all benefit from active outdoor exercise. Our Creative Playthings wooden swing sets have specific accessories which are designed to assist in any/all of the above, and are often tiered for specific ages. Unlike cheap swing sets and Big Box "play sets", which just sell you a "one-time" product, we have designed our swing sets to grow with your family. As you kids get older, you may challenge them with additional swing set accessories which will attach to your Creative Playthings playset.

Emotional: Gaining self confidence, learning to share with others, and learning to communicate through play are all vital development skills that reward your child with a good, healthy outlook on life and friends. Playsets foster positive growth in all these areas.

Intellectual: While everyone knows that children's imaginations are very active, playing on swing sets will help them expand their imaginative and creative skills while getting, healthy, fun physical exercise.

Yet keeping kids active today is a constant challenge. High calorie treats make kids feel sleepy and sluggish. TV, video games, home computer games, and all sorts of electronic gadgets conspire to keep kids from just going outside and playing! Swing sets will make them want to play outside!

From the moment you first push your infant in a swing, you are also engaging in a very positive form of parent / child interaction that cannot be duplicated in any other way! Trust is learned, happiness shared. And so it continues through the toddler years, and right on up to puberty. Muscle development, balance, motor skills, confidence, and imagination are all fostered and nurtured through creative swing set play.

For years, your Creative Playthings premium swing set will be the central point for your childen's (and their friends') outdoor backyard social activity. And rest assured, with more than 70 years invested in making the best swing sets at affordable prices for your family, Creative Playthings will continue to supply the products and service you need over the life of your Creative Playthings playset.