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Play Zones: The Final Touch


What is a Play Zone?

A Play Zone is an area around your Swing Set that transforms your yard into a safe and attractive play environment for your child. We will install your Play Zone using molded plastic borders or rubber curbs, rubber mulch & weed fabric.

Soft Landings with Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is non-toxic, made from 100% Recycled Tires and comes with a 10 year color guarantee. Unlike wood mulch it will not decompose or compress and does not attract insects.  Shock absorbent rubber mulch also stays in place during harsh storms and dries fast!

We Recommend Wear Pads

These Heavy-Duty rubber pads protect against ground indentations and helps prevent displacement of resilient ground cover. We recommend one Wear Pad for every swing or slide. Dimensions: 24'' x 39.5'', 1'' thick.


FIVE Colors of Rubber Mulch!


See Why a Play Zone is the Right Choice!

Before We Install Your Play Zone

Q. Does the installation site have to be level? 
A. Yes. A Play Zone can only be installed on level ground. This will allow for consistency in the depth of the mulch throughout the Play Zone. Rubber mulch cannot be used as a substitute material to level the Play Zone area. The borders will not sit perfectly flat if tree roots or rocks are present under the placement of the borders. Our installers are not equipped to level your ground.

Q. Does the installation site have to be clear?
A. Yes. There must be a 6ft Play Perimeter extending from the Swing Set, which is free of all obstructions such as rocks, fences & trees. Our installers are not equipped to perform landscaping services.

Further Play Zone Considerations

Q. Why are our Play Zones smaller than the 6ft. Play Perimeter mentioned in our catalog and website? 
A. A Creative Playthings Play Zone is an economical and more space conscious alternative to the CPSC recommended dimensions. We justify these smaller dimensions by ensuring there is a resilient surface present where the vast majority of falls are known to take place. In addition, we use Molded Plastic Borders which are hollow to further minimize potential injury.

Q. What happens if additional materials are required?
A. The Play Zone Guide will be referred to for each installation and does not take into account extra materials and labor required by any deviation from original configuration. If additional materials and labor are required to complete the job, they will be sold at a 20% discount and will include a service fee.

Q. Can my Play Zone grow along with my Swing Set?
A. Yes! Provided there is sufficient yard space, you can always purchase more Play Zone materials later to accommodate any new large accessories that significantly alter the footprint of your Swing Set (such as monkey bars or a Sky Box Playdeck).

Q. Can wood timbers be used to build a Play Zone?
A. No. We highly discourage this practice due to the greatly increased likelihood of injury.

Q. Is the installation site easily accessible?
A. If access to the installation site will be inhibited by landscapers or other work crews, has a gated entrance, narrow pathway, stairs or is a significant distance from where the delivery vehicle will be parked, please notify your salesperson ahead of time so that proper arrangements can be made.

About Our Rubber Mulch

Q. Why use Rubber Mulch?
A. Rubber mulch is an exceptional playground protection surface, because it provides unmatched shock absorbency and helps reduce playground injuries. 

Q. How does Rubber Mulch compare to traditional wood mulch?
A. Rubber is more cost-effective. Unlike wood mulch, rubber chips require minimal maintenance, dry quickly after rain, will not rot or decompose and naturally repels ticks and other pests.

Q. Will Rubber Mulch stain clothing or the area where it is installed?
A. No. Unlike wood mulch or chips which can bleed when wet, our Rubber Mulch does not stain.

Q. Do I have to remulch every year?
A. No - the best part of rubber mulch is that you do not need to keep remulching every year. We know that rubber mulch is more expensive than other mulch options, but since the color stays for at least 12 years, you will start saving after the 3rd or 4th year.

Q. Does Rubber Mulch have a smell?
A. New Rubber Mulch has a slight odor, much like a new shower curtain. The odor soon disappears.

Q. Will Rubber Mulch crumble, disintegrate, or decompose?
A. No. Our Rubber Mulch chips are made from 100% tire rubber. All tires are made of vulcanized rubber. the vulcanizing process makes the rubber literally indestructible.

Where are the Play Zone prices?

Due to the endlessly modular nature of our Swing Sets, each Play Zone is a custom made product that requires it's own unique price. To ensure the right amount of material is used in designing your Play Zone, Creative Playthings will be happy to assist you in the process, from start to finish.