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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

How to Use Augmented Reality for Swing Set Placement

Did you know that you can see what one of our premium swing sets will look like in your backyard before you even purchase it? With our new, advanced, Augmented Reality feature, we take the guesswork out of trying to visualize how your new swing set will look in your yard by allowing you to “place” it there with the touch of your phone! 

Our state-of the-art Augmented Reality works by using your smartphone to “survey” your backyard and accurately place a swing set in the desired location. Before getting started, you’ll want to make sure that the area you are considering is relatively level and free of low hanging trees that may interfere with the virtual placement of the swing set.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you are using your smartphone or tablet - our Augmented Reality feature will not work on desktop

  2. On our website, locate and click on the 3-D viewer on the swing set model you are interested in - Browse our premium swing sets here

  3. Click "VIEW IN 3D" to bring up a three-dimensional model of the swing set. To launch AR, click the banner that says "VIEW IN YOUR BACKYARD"

  4. Click the Object tab at the top of the screen. This keeps the AR from trying to acquire the position before you're ready. Stand in front of the spot you want to see the set. Here you can choose to view the dimensions or the set in a play zone.

  5. Click the AR tab at the top of the screen. Hold up your phone and aim it to the spot in your backyard that you consider would be a great fit for the swing set

  6. Follow the directions on the screen and slowly move your phone left to right

  7. Once the swing set pops up, you can move it around with one finger and reorient it using two fingers. If you pinch to zoom, the set will move closer or farther away, keeping it in relative scale to the surroundings

  8. Walk around to see the virtual swing set from any angle as if it were really there! When you're satisfied with the position, take a screenshot to share with friends, family or any Creative Playthings sales representative

Still not sure where to put your swing set in your yard? Have one of our local swing set experts take a look at your space, evaluate the perfect placement, and help you decide the best swing set for your family - Request your free consultation today!