Have Your Swing Set Moved

If you are moving and want to take your Creative Playthings Swing Set with you, or if you are interested in having your set moved to a different location within your existing yard, we can help! Here you will find basic information and tips if you are interested in having us move and re-assemble your existing Creative Playthings Swing set?

Some important things to keep in mind...


Do not schedule your move on or around any settlement dates. You may need to line up storage facilities, or communicate this information to the existing owner, as we do not store play sets at our locations.

Age and deterioration will occur on play sets after years of play. If the play set is too fragile to move without affecting the structural integrity of the unit, we will decline to perform the move set for reasons of safety and insurance. Your deposit is fully refundable; however, you will be responsible for the initial trip charge for going to your home. This varies depending on location. You may be advised by your sales associate to order new hardware for your play set prior to the move/installation based on the age of your play set.

Part replacement is not included in the cost of moving sets. We have several different customer service departments in place to assist you with these needs, depending on how long you have owned you play set. You should coordinate replacement parts with the date of the move to avoid additional trip charges at a later date.

If an installation cannot be completed due to missing/damaged parts, you will be responsible for ordering the parts through our Customer Service. In addition, you will be responsible for the initial trip charge for going to your home. It is extremely important to make sure all parts and hardware are with the play set to complete the installation.

Weather is sometimes a factor. If severe weather conditions cause a delay in the scheduled appointment, we will do our best to reschedule you for the next possible date. Please understand that “bumping” existing jobs does not take place at Creative Playthings. We will do everything possible to minimize the delay in the rescheduling of your service.

Payment in full is required before the service. We usually take full payment on the day the set is ordered; however, if certain circumstances prevent us from doing so, you will be contacted 5 business days prior to installation to collect the remaining balance. If the balance is not collected the service will not be performed.

Be home the day of the installation. This will best help communicate where you want the play set assembled. If you cannot be home, you can mark the area and leave instructions for the installers. You will be given a 3 hour arrival time window, and we can make arrangements to contact you on a cell phone, when the installer is on his/her way. A signature is required to confirm set placement.

On level ground. It is extremely important to have a reasonably level site where the Play Set is to be installed to avoid potential injuries. PLEASE… make sure the land is level, with less than a 6in. grade, left to right, back to front.


Have other QUESTIONS or CONCERNS? Please call your local Creative Playthings Store!