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It’s far more than a catchphrase. It’s our commitment to you.

In these economic times, “Made in the USA” has become more important than ever. Creative Playthings is proud to report that we’ve been an American manufacturing company for more than a half-century, and not in name only. When you invest in a wooden swing set from Creative Playthings, you’re "buying American".

The facts are these: Many of our competitors have either scaled back domestic production or closed their factories in favor of importing end product from China. Meanwhile, Creative Playthings has been sourcing our lumber, the very heart of our swing sets, from our nation’s southeastern states. The reason : southern yellow pine is the best there is.

While we can’t say that every single component of our playsets are sourced domestically, the primary raw material of our swing sets, and all of the labor that goes into processing that lumber, grows and happens here. At Creative Playthings, we’re not only getting more American kids playing... we’re keeping more Americans working.