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Springfree Tgoma Accessory

This SpringfreeĀ® Trampoline product is available in our Boston market company stores only.



Box Dimensions: 28in. x 12.2in. x 6.7in.
Gross Weight: 8.8lbs.
Contents: Tablet Holder, Battery Pack and Controller, including all required cables and clips. Contents do not include the required tablet or the 4 AA batteries.

Increase your families time outside and active by upgrading to a tgoma digital game system!

Four sensors on the trampoline mat connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track the movement creating an interactive experience.

tgoma has games and apps for everyone, including educational, high-energy and fitness programs to exercise the both the body and brain.

Please note: tgoma is supported on our newest models Springfree Trampolines, models sold from approximately January 2015. tgoma works on all round, square, and oval Springfree trampoline models. After you place your order, a Springfree Customer Care rep will call and confirm your order prior to shipping.

tgoma software is designed to operate on tablets with the following minimum specs:

Apple Tablets:
iPad 3 or newer (iPad 1 or 2 are not supported)
• iPad Mini & iPad Air
• Screen size between 7" and 11" (i.e., tablets, not phones)

Android Tablets:
Android operating system (4.4 or newer)
• Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Smart)
• Screen size between 7" and 11" (i.e., tablets, not phones)

Windows Tablets:
Windows tablets are NOT supported & will not work with tgoma

If you are trying to use tgoma on any other device, tgoma will not work correctly and may cause issues during game play.
Additional Information

Additional Information

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