Premium Pine Swing Sets playsets Gym Styles

Every Creative Playthings Swing Set starts with a Gym. This roofed, two level structure is the central component of your swing set; where ladders, slides and other accessories attach. Every Gym can support a 7ft. or 9ft. high 4 position Swing Beam.

Every Gym belongs to either the Tower series, Clubhouse series or Climber series. Scroll down to learn more about these distinct styles!

Tower Series Gyms

All Williamsburg and Lexington playsets are built in this style.
"Tower Gyms" can be thought of as two open sided boxes, stacked one on top of the other. Our most versatile style, this style is able to support the maximum amount of play features, including the built-in Picnic Table, Rock Climbing Walls & the Ice Cream Stand! "Tower Gyms" measure 5ft. x 5ft. or 5ft. x 7ft. & feature a 5ft. high Play Deck.

Clubhouse Style Gym

All Ridgefield and Yorktown playsets are built in this style.
"Clubhouse Gyms" are the next step up! They are similarly built but feature an enclosed top level clubhouse, complete with a door frame and numerous charming windows. In addition, the top level is equipped with a balcony-style porch which runs the length of the gym and extends a full 4ft. from the from of the clubhouse! The bottom level can support the same array of play features as the Tower series. "Clubhouse Gyms" measure 5ft. x 9ft. or 7ft. x 9ft. & feature a 5ft. high Play Deck.

Climber Style Gym
All Norfolk and Manchester playsets are built in this style.
"Climber Gyms" are constructed with an A-frame style design, with numerous play features which are unique to the series. Bottom levels include integrated Chain, Rung and Rock Climbers as well as a built-in 360˚ Tire Swing. "Climber Gyms" measure 4ft. x 6ft. or 5ft. x 7ft. & feature either a 5ft. or 6ft. high Play Deck.

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