Play Zones

First of all... what is a Play Zone? 
A Play Zone is an area around your Residential Swing Set that transforms your yard into a safe and attractive play environment for your child. We will install your Play Zone using molded plastic borders, rubber or wood mulch, weed fabric and heavy-duty 1" thick rubber wear pads for every swing or slide.

Molded Plastic Border
Molded Plastic Borders

Our Molded Plastic Borders are the building blocks of any Creative Playthings Play Zone. The rounded corners & wood grain texture offer a safe, attractive & kid friendly alternative to wood timbers. The total number of these borders will be determined by the individual Swing Set and the type of Play Zone you have chosen.

Rubber & Wood Mulch

Play Zone Type and Borders aside, the most noticeable aesthetic of your Play Zone is the type and color of mulch you choose. In addition to Playground Wood Mulch, Creative Playthings offers Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch in five attractive colors. Made from recycled tires, Playsafer™ Rubber Mulch is the greenest type of resilient ground cover on the market. It is non-toxic, non-staining, and exceeds all CPSC guidelines.

Rubber Wear Pads

The icing on the cake! Wear Pads protect against ground indentations and helps prevent displacement of resilient ground cover. We recommend one Wear Pad for every swing or slide. Dimensions: 24'' x 39.5'', 1'' thick.

Safety Surfacing for Commercial Playgrounds

If you are interested in safety surfacing for your Commercial Playground, mulch, tiles and Poured-in-Place surfacing are just some of the options we offer! For more information please contact our Commercial Division at

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) recommends a Play Zone in front of and behind the swings that is twice the height of the swing pivot, plus a clear space extending 6' around the play structure. Play Zones that meet the CPSC guidelines are available. For detailed information, please refer to the "Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook" available on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

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