Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a "Gym"?
A.The central play platform of your Swing Set; it's where ladders, slides and other accessories attach. We measure the "Gym" from the ground to the peak of the roof.

Q. What is a swing "Play Deck"?
A. The actual elevated play area on the gym, a "Play Deck" is measured from the ground to the deck.

Q. What is a "Swing Module"?
A. A "Swing Module" connects directly to the gym and is the component from which all swings and swinging accessories hang from. There are two basic types of swing module. The "Swing Beam" (available in both 7ft. and 9ft. heights), or the 7ft. "Top Ladder" (which features monkey bars over swings). Please note that the number of swinging positions vary from set to set.

Q. What is the difference between "Residential" and "Commercial"?
A. Creative Playthings "Residential Swing Sets" are intended for private residences only. "Commercial Playgrounds" refer to play sets designed for use in non-residential spaces such as childcare facilities, home day cares, with 6 or more children, home owners associations, religious institutions or any other public setting.

Q. What is the difference between our Swing Sets lines?
A. Our Premium Pine™ Swing sets are completely modular, meaning they can be customized in countless exciting ways! Every other Creative Playthings swing set is sold as a pre-configured package that cannot be altered. A warranty is included with every Creative Playthings swing set, the specifics of which vary from one series to another.

Q. Is the wood in your play sets pressure treated?
A. Creative Playthings Premium Pine™, Basic Pine™ and Playtime™ swing sets are made of Southern Yellow Pine and treated with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ contains no arsenic or chromium and is completely safe for children.

Q. Why do I see lighter colored bands on some of the wooden components?
A. These lighter colored bands (what we call stick marks) are noticeable at first but will gradually fade in sunlight. During our pressure treatment process, we use thin sticks to separate the lumber. This ensures the treatment covers the wood evenly and allows for better air flow when it dries.

Q. What are the weight recommendations for Swing Set Accessories?
A. Your wooden swing set has been designed to accommodate as many children as there are play positions. A maximum of 200 lbs. per child is recommended for play activities designed for individual use and 120 lbs. per child for multiple use activities. Please remember that your swing set has been engineered for children.

Q. Now that my swing set is assembled and installed, will I have to do anything to it?
A. Yes. You must provide routine inspections and regular maintenance. These procedures are covered in the "Required Maintenance" section of your Creative Playthings Owners Manual.

Q. How often should my assembled swing set be inspected?
A. An initial inspection should take place one week after installation and twice a month thereafter for the remaining life of your play set.

Q. When should the necessary maintenance be performed?
A. At the beginning of each play season or as often as may be deemed necessary from inspection. Major maintenance (primarily a thorough inspection and re-sealing) should be performed at twelve-month intervals from the date of installation.

Q. Why does it seem that my swing set is developing cracks?
A. As wood is a natural material, no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has its own characteristics and personality and reacts differently to climate changes. When any wood product is exposed to the elements, it develops "wood checks". A check is the radial separation of the wood fibers running with the grain of the wood. These are caused by the varying temperature and moisture conditions. A check is not a crack - it does not affect the strength or durability of the part and is not covered under warranty.

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