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Creative Playthings Add-On Accessories


One of the most talked about benefits of playgrounds and similar environments is that they contribute towards growth in many key areas like socialization, physical fitness, and even creativity. Our vast array of playing accessories will provide endless entertainment because they run on the power of imagination! That means when you see a small child ecstatically grasping a steering or ship’s wheel that doesn't actually turn anything, you’ll know that the real wheels turning are the ones in his or her mind. Click here  to read Scholastic’s opinions on the importance of pretend play!

The best part about Creative Playthings playing accessories is the fact they can be added just about anywhere on your swing set and at any time. Something like a jumbo pair of binoculars, a sturdy fireman’s pole or chin-up bar can make exciting (not to mention inexpensive) gifts that can be added to just about any swing set. They're perfect for birthdays and other holidays!

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