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Creative Playthings Add-On Accessories


The heart of every Creative Playthings swing set is the gym, and every gym features at least one top-level playdeck. This is a space where your kids will be spending an awful lot of time since every time they climb a ladder, rock wall or get ready to use their favorite slide, they will be on the play deck. It’s a special no-grown-up space that feels 100% theirs, so why not add to the fun? Here’s why the Huffington Post says it's healthy for kids to have their own space.

We offer additional play decks which can be attached to your gym, adding not only square footage, but also height to your playset! Most premium pine swing sets can support our ever popular Sky Box Playdeck, which adds a 7 feet high play platform to your Creative Playthings playset! Fans of our Manchester series have the option of adding the fabulous Manchester Fun Deck which features built-in monkey bars underneath! Both the Skybox and Fun Deck can be further decked out with things like roofs, spiral slides, bubble panels and or tallest climbing accessory of all, the Pinnacle Rock Wall!

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Set Descending Direction

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