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A great option for any swing set is integrating playdecks. Playdecks are raised platforms within your playset where the kids can safely look out over their domain. The playdecks are also treasured places because many adults are simply too large to go there. It's the one true area on the playground where the little ones rule undisputedly. Thoughtfully constructed so no one can accidentally or intentionally fall off an open side, playdecks will please the adults as well.

You can configure playdecks to handle different connections and components. You could have one side accessible by a climbing wall and then have them return back to ground level with a slide on the opposite side. The biggest limitation on configuring playdecks is the imagination of you and the rest of the family. The only thing certain is that the presence of the playdecks are merely one more ingredient in a huge recipe for family fun. Reach out to Creative Playthings with any questions you have on adding playdecks to your playset design today!

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