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Whether they're made of solid wood, interwoven ropes, or have moving parts to make them sway, swing set bridges are common additions to playground equipment. Whether they join two sections of a playground or they just exist for the fun of it, children love swing set bridges. Perhaps it's associated with the grown-ups they long to be. Usually children are not anywhere near a bridge without supervision. Even if they were on an actual bridge of any size, it's likely that their parents would be holding their hand or cautiously hawking over them in some seemingly overbearing manner. So when they get out on those swing set bridges by themselves, just maybe they feel like the actual adults that they pretend to be so often while playing.

As long as there will be playgrounds and playsets, there will most likely be swing set bridges. The lure, the draw, and the excitement can all be seen on a child's face when he or she looks over his or her new challenge and takes it head-on. The great thing is that once it ceases to be new, the swing set bridge never actually gets old! This is a good thing because bridges exist all over our world and are responsible for connecting millions of people. Most people don't think of how important a simple bridge can be and the tremendous impact bridges have had on our society. Someone actually counted 17 different ways in which bridges have altered the very fabric of our society. Once you've had a chance to soak all that in, check out our versions of this famous structure that all kids love.

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