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Creative Playthings Add-On Accessories


Our swing sets are some of the biggest and heaviest in the business, but we know that certain customers might be looking for something even more impressive. Due to the modularity of our product, Creative Playthings playsets can actually be thought of as building blocks. If you have the budget and the space, multiple gyms can be purchased (each with their own swings and accessories) and then connected into one gigantic world of play that we call a combination set!

Bridges are simply the components we employ to connect the various gyms in any given combination set. For that natural look, we have the open-topped connecting bridge. But don’t discount the adventures that are to be had crawling from one swing set tower to the next in our heavy-duty plastic crawl tube! If combination swing sets sound like a good fit for your family, please take a look at our selection of bridges!

Set Descending Direction

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Set Descending Direction

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