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Build Your Own Wooden Swing Set: Step Two

Whether you're looking for a compact wooden swing set or a larger set for a more spacious area, Creative Playthings has the perfect swing set solution for you! Just follow the three easy steps below to create your own Creative Playthings Wooden Swing Set. While our swing sets come loaded with lots of standard features, you may also add any swing set accessory you'd like! "Design Flexibility" is a signature Creative Playthings advantage over other manufacturers' play sets!

Step 2: Select a Swing Set Gym and a Roof

At Creative Playthings, we offer gyms (sometimes also called "towers" or "forts") with 5-foot high Play Decks (also called play platforms) and a variety of sizes. Most models are available with a wood roof or a fabric canopy, depending on your preference and your climate.

5' x 7'; 5' High Play Deck

5' x 5'; 5' High Play Deck

33" x 38"; 4' High Play Deck

41.5" x 60"; 4' High Play Deck

31.5" x 43"; 4' High Play Deck

41.5" x 60"; 5' High Play Deck

5' x 9'; 5' High Play Deck

7' x 9'; 5' High Play Deck

5' x 7'; 6' High Play Deck